Complete Dentures


Don't Compromise your Health with Loose Fitting Dentures

Great Fitting Dentures allow for a well-balanced diet. 

Full or complete dentures are designed for situations where you are missing all of your natural teeth. These can be for the upper, lower or both and are removable. These may take some time to get used to and may cause minimal discomfort while you adjust to the new digital dentures. It is important that if you experience any issues you continue to check in to have adjustments made to ensure you get premium comfort and use. There are two types of full digital dentures available; immediate or traditional. Due to the industrial manufacturing process of making the acrylic discs for the digital milling of dentures, the process ensures a uniform quality of the material making it 8 times stronger than a conventional denture. Therefore it eliminates the chances of the acrylic shrinking, creating an ill fitting denture and having subsequent adjustment appointments to relieve all the sore spots.

High Impact Quality

Acrylic is 8 times stronger than a conventional denture

Fewer Adjustments Needed

No shrinking of the acrylic helps eliminate sore spots

Precise Fit

Our high end scanners, scan to 10 microns of accuracy

Storage of Electronic Data

We can store your digital smile, and reproduce it in an instant if your denture breaks, gets lost or dog chews it.

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